After the establishment of the Tourist Organization of Blace, the first and real challenge was the creation of a visual identity of the institution. The initial task is to portray natural beauties, historical heritage, hospitality, love and the beginning of a new segment of the development of this region.

The ultimate look of the logo of the institution, as an initial step in establishing communication with the public, is a stylized heart, as a sign of love and hospitality which people of this region provide to every visitor.

As the Municipality of Blace is located in the Toplica basin, between Kopaonik and Jastrebac, this top of the logo symbolically represents these two mountains, as well as the Blatašnica River which springs at the bottom of Jastrebac.

In the central part of the logo there is a mammoth, the most famous species that symbolizes ancient animals which lie in the hills, hillocks and rocks for millions of years, both in Blace and in Prebreza and surrounding villages. Mammoth (more precisely, the animal species of mastodon as an ancestor of mammoths) is here remind present and future generations of the value and enormous potential which lies in the discoveries of unique paleontological sites in our area.

The rising sun symbolizes the beginning of development, the new economic sector of this area – tourism, which, besides agriculture, is a pillar on which the future of the Municipality of Blace can be built.