If it can be said for a municipality in Serbia that it is a municipality of manifestations, then it is the Municipality of Blace. There are 39 manifestations of different content, program and duration throughout a year on the territory of this small municipality in southeastern Serbia. We celebrate, rejoice, mark out, sing, dance…

House of Rade Drainac

A famous Serbian poet, essayist and narrator Rade Drainac was born in the village of Trbunje near Blace, on August 17th, 1899 in the poor Jovanovic family. From father Nedeljko – a self-taught mason and mother Rumenija – a housewife, he got the name Radojko Jovanovic at baptism, but at the age of 23 he changed it for a poetic name – Rade Drainac.

Paleontological site

On the slopes of Veliki Jastrepac, on the part of Gluvi Potok area, there is a monument of nature “Prebreza”, a paleontological site of fossil remains of vertebrates, i.e. a mammalian bones from the era of geological history designated as Middle Miocene, which is well known in Europe and the world, a unique paleontological site on the Balkan Peninsula, with a neogeneous mammalian fauna 14-16 million years old.

Saint in the log

In the village of Vrbovac, on the place where, according to the legend, Empress Milica received news of the death of the Emperor Lazar, a church was built. During the construction of the church, several oak trees were cut down … In a log remain of one of the oak trees, the image of a saint appeared – the act of God himself, for which it is believed to represent the image of Emperor Lazar. A tree with the image of the saint is preserved in the church which was built in the meantime and which is named after Archangel Gabriel.