Tourism is an economic sector which is experiencing global expansion and which is a major factor in the economic growth of all countries. The income generated by domestic and foreign tourists in our country is significantly increasing and represents a huge potential which, besides agriculture, represents the main pillar of Serbia’s development. This was also established by the Tourism Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia from 2016 to 2025, passed by the Government of RS in November 2016.

The Municipality of Blace recognized the importance of tourism development on the area of Blace municipality, and by Decision of the Municipal Assembly of Blace No. I-332-2123 / 16, dated 16.12.2016. established a public institution, the Tourist Organization of Blace, in order to carry out activities of advancement and promotion of tourism, development, preservation and protection of tourist values on the territory of the Municipality of Blace and other promotional activities determined by the Law on Tourism, the Decision on the Establishment of the Tourist Organization, the Statute and other regulations within this sector.

The abbreviated name of the institution is TO Blace and is registered in accordance with the law.

Potential in the sector of tourism, as a significant economic area at the disposal of the Municipality of Blace, consists of numerous manifestations, cultural and historical heritage, natural phenomena and goods, preserved traditions, healthy environment, villages, healthy food, plum brandy, wine …

With the recognizable hospitality of householders in our region, such contents are exactly what attract visitors from large urban areas in search of a break from city noise and crowds.

Tourist Organization of Blace is here to tell the most beautiful story of Blace, plum, plum brandy, wine, Iron Regiment, mastodon, the “saint” in the log, the legend of Lazar’s treasure, the Turkish lake, the relics of St. George, the poet bohemian …

We are here to discover the secrets of these fantastic stories, places and events from our municipality and to present this treasure to all of you.